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The Process


It all starts with the FIT, the bike has to fit you. I am happy to work with a bike fitter you already have a relationship with or if you are in Melbourne I like to work with RiderFIT.

Once the fit is nailed we will work together on the DESIGN. This is where we shape the bike to fit your needs, tweak it for the roads (or trails) you will ride, dial in the geometry and add in any personal design elements. 

After the design has been signed off its time to start order the tubing and accessories and start the BUILD. This is where you see the bike come to life, a box of tubes turn into a bike to be ridden for years to come. 

While the build is underway we will be discussing the PAINT, its the icing on the cake and often the hardest thing to decide on. Fortunately we work with Velocraft, one of the best painters in the world who can help you pick that perfect colour to make your bike really stand out!

Once the bike is painted the only thing left to do is build it up and RIDE!


All you need to start your dream build is a $500 deposit. This locks in your place in the queue and you will be assigned a build number. 

When it gets close to your build number I will contact you to get your fit booked in and start talking about the design and build spec of your bike.

Once we have the design and build spec signed off a 50% payment of the total build cost will be required before I cut any tubes and start making the frame. Depending on the build specifications further progress payments may be required during the build to cover specialty parts. 

Once the bike is complete the balance will be due before taking delivery of your custom bicycle. 

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