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The Lost Workshop is the culmination of a life long passion for designing, building and riding bikes. I have spent all my life riding bikes, making and modifying different things and customising my bikes to make them more personal or functional for me. When I discovered custom frame building I fell in love with the idea of it as vocation I can spend a lifetime trying to master. 

In 2016 my thoughts where confirmed after I built my first handmade bicycle frame - a lugged steel from Columbus tubing. I fell in love with it and swiftly sold my Cervelo R5 - I wasn't going back. 

Since then I have built frames and forks for friends and family while tooling up in the workshop to take this passion to the next level. 

In 2018 The Lost Workshop was born out of the feeling I had at the time of being lost in life and unsure of the path I should take before finding myself riding and making custom steel bikes. 

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